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Hey everyone, 


I've had this blog page hidden on my website directory for far too long, actually ever since I made my website, it's been there lurking in the shadows waiting for that magical day to come where I had some extra time to type out a cute little blog post with pretty pictures and helpful links. Truth is - my life is too damn busy for that, and I realized that i'll likely never be that person who will be organized enough to make that happen. 


Instead of trying to keep it hidden, I decided to make it love and to type out this little starter post to get the ball rolling. Have you ever heard the term, "done is perfect?" That's what i'm channeling here. I figure, i'm a fast typer, and maybe on a couple of people will end up reading these, but i've always loved the idea of blogging and just putting your thoughts out there into the universe. The purpose of this blog is going to be to give my intimate thoughts and insight on my woodworking journey and sign making chronicles, I really don't have any kind of game plan for these posts so you're just going to get whatever is on my mind, which I think is kinda cool. 

I'll probably be really informal in these blog posts, expect some curse words and typos. I'm going for raw, honest feedback and thoughts here. Things I might talk about will include (but are not limited to); scroll saw tips, sign making, creative ideas and other crafting thoughts, probably some food talk, maybe some small business advice, struggles, and things to avoid if you're trying to start a business so you don't have to keep working for the man. I'm already really open and transparent on my instagram stories, showing you all my wins and failures when they happen, but I think there is just something about a blog that is sometimes even more intimate than a video...maybe...am I the only one that things that? I'm rambling. Drop a comment if you made it this far, i'm definitely interested to see if anyone is reading. 

Stay toasty!


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